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Book a Remote Consultation

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Booking a Remote Consultation involves a number of stages.

Stage 1 - Registration

To register with us you must supply us with the following information:

Your name    
Address line 1    
Address line 2    

To enable us to carry out the necessary Conflict of Interst checks we will also require the name and address of any neighbour who is, or may potentially be, affected by the matters you wish to discuss.

If either you or your neighbour lives at an address other than the address to be discussed during the consultation, then we will additionally require that / those address/es.

You may send this information to us either:

  • by email to, or
  • by Royal Mail to:
    Boundary Advisor, Willow Bend, Rownhams Lane, SOUTHAMPTON    SO16 8AR


Stage 2 - Payment

In response to your registration we will send you, usually by email, a proforma invoice. You may chose from one of two methods of payment:

  • by electronic transfer
    using the sort code, account number, and reference given at the foot of the invoice, or
  • by cheque payable to "Jon Maynard Boundaries Ltd"
    sent by Royal Mail to the same address as above.

We will also send you:

  • Leaflet BA01 - Remote Consultation, and
  • Leaflet BA02 - Suggested Documents.


Stage 3 - Submission of documents

After you have read BA02 - Documents you might need you will need to make copies of those documents that you want the Boundary Advisor to consider and send them to us, either:

  • as scanned copies attached to an email sent to as at the same address as above, or
  • as photocopies (preferably in colour, where applicable) sent by Royal Mail to the same address as above, or
  • send them to a cloud storage and share the documents so as to enable us to download them from your cloud storage.


Stage 4 - Acceptance of Instructions & Cancellation

Once we have received your payment we will consider ourselves as being placed under instructions to undertake a Remote Consultation with you in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in Leaflet BA01 - Remote Consultation. We will also send you a receipt acknowledging your payment.

Clearly, the Remote Consultation cannot take place until we have received and had time to consider the documents you will send us that are relevant to the matters on which you wish to consult with us. After we have received all relevant documents we will contact you to arrange a date and time for the Remote Consultation.

You may cancel the Remote Consultation at any point prior to the commencement of the Remote Consulatation. Simply contact us to let us know that you no longer wish to proceed and we will either cancel your invoice (if it has not yet been paid) or arrange for the return of your payment in full and without penalty. Once the Remote Consultation has commenced there can be no refund.


Stage 5 - Remote Consultation

During the Remote Consultation our Boundary Advisor will discuss the issues with you and give his views. He may refer during to the consultation to such web sites as Google earth, Google Maps, the Land Registry web site, and the Boundary Problems web site.