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Boundary Advisor is a service operated by Jon Maynard Boundaries Ltd

Why use the Boundary Advisor?

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Purpose of the Telephone Consultation

The Boundary Advisor's Telephone Consultation allows you to talk through with an experienced professional those issues of concern to you that relate to the boundaries of your land, or to a right of way that either benefits or burdens your land. These issues may result from difficulties in your relationship with a neighbouring landowner.

The Telephone Consultation may:

  • help you to better understand the issues that concern you;
  • inform your decisions as to how to progress your interests;
  • help you to decide how to move towards settlement of a dispute with a neighbour.


Advantages of the Telephone Consultation

It is inexpensive, because:

  • the Boundary Advisor does not travel to you but will remotely view your land using Internet resources during the Telephone Consultation;
  • by restricting the consultation to a telephone conversation (usually of between 30 and 60 minutes) there are no expensive written reports to pay for.

It is a well-informed discussion, because:

  • the client provides key documents to the Boundary Advisor in advance of the consultation.

It is nationally available:

  • the Telephone Consultation is not affected by how far from the Boundary Advisor you live.

It is quick:

  • the Telephone Consultation will normally be held within a few days of the original request.


Expected outcome

The client will be more knowledgeable and better advised on the issues discussed during the Telephone Consultation and able to make better informed decisions arising out of this knowledge.

The advice that is offered during the Telephone Consultation does not amount to legal advice: the Boundary Advisor is a chartered land surveyor and not a trained lawyer. What you will receive is sound practical advice from a leading expert in the field of Boundary Demarcation and Disputes.


The Telephone Consultation Process

The Telephone Consultation Service has a number of stages -

Stage 1 is Registration: you send your contact details.

Stage 2 is your Payment for the intended service. We send you:
a)   a proforma invoice for payment electronically or by cheque;
b)   leaflet BA01, which states our terms and conditions;
c)   leaflet BA02, which suggests the kinds of document you might send us before the consultation.

Stage 3 is your submission of documents for consideration by the Boundary Advisor during the Telephone Consultation.

Stage 4 is our acceptance of instructions: on receipt of your payment we will be under instructions to undertake a Telephone Consultation with you in accordance with the terms and conditions set out in this Leaflet BA01 and will issue a receipted VAT invoice.

Cancellation can be accepted at any time prior to Stage 5.

Stage 5 is the Telephone Consultation during which our Advisor will discuss the issues with you and give his views. He may refer during to the consultation to such web sites as Google earth, Google Maps, Bing Maps, the Land Registry web site,, and the Boundary Problems web site.


Additional services

  • Acquiring documents. If you are unsure how to go about it, we can order documents for you from such Internet sources as Land Registry,, and from suppliers of aerial photography. We will charge you the actual cost of the document/s plus a handling fee.
  • Written reports. The Boundary Advisor's Telephone Consultation service does not include a written record of the consultation. We can transfer your request to Jon Maynard Boundaries Ltd for actioning as "Professional Advice".



How much does a telephone consultation with the Boundary Advisor cost?

The fee is £100 +VAT.

I have no scanner: how do I get my documents to the Boundary Advisor?

Please send photocopies of documents by Royal Mail.

I want the Boundary Advisor to acquire for me the documents that I do not have. Does this affect the consultation?

Because the documents have to be ordered, supplied to us and sent to you prior to the consultation, this may delay the consultation by several days.

Does it matter that I will not have Internet access during the consultation?

Don't worry, the main reason for Internet access is for the Advisor to view the land using tools such as Google Maps.

What happens if the consultation lasts less than 30 minutes?

We cannot give a discount for a short consultation.

What happens if the Consultation is likely to take more than 60 minutes?

The client will be given the options of:
a)   booking a second consultation;
b)   transferring to the professional services of Jon Maynard Boundaries Ltd, or;
c)   finishing on the hour.

Where do I find the Internet resources that the Boundary Advisor might use during the Telephone Consultation?

Type into the URL field of your web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari), or click on the underscored link, below: for Google Maps, vertical aerial views, and Google Streetview. for Bing Maps - try their Bird's Eye for oblique aerial views. to view and buy old Ordnance Survey maps. is the Land Registry web site.

Google Earth has to be installed on your computer and may be downloaded free from .