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Professional Advice

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What is ‘Professional Advice’?

Professional advice results from the application of the training and experience of our professional staff to an analysis of some aspect of your land, its boundaries and any rights of way or other easements that may affect your land.

Professional advice may help you to better understand some aspect of your land; it may inform your decisions as to how to progress your interests; it may help you to decide how to move towards settlement of a dispute with a neighbour.

Examples of Professional Advice

In the context of the services offered by Jon Maynard Boundaries Ltd, Professional Advice covers any service that does not fit neatly into a category described by another page of this site. For example:

  • Advice as to the ownership of individual trees in a belt of trees separating the rear gardens of two developments where the placement of fences did not follow the boundaries.
  • Advice on how to deal with the unsubstantiated claims of a neighbour as to the position of a boundary.
  • Investigation of the exact width of a private right of way when the neighbour disputes whether the width of the track is sufficient to satisfy a planning condition.
  • Analysis of old published maps to advise on whether a public footpath has ever been used as a bridleway.
  • Interpretation of aerial photographs in support of a planning application for the creation of a Mansard roof extension on a building in multiple occupancy.
  • Advice on how to define and describe a new private right of way.

In short, we are able to offer advice in any circumstance where our expertise in land measurement, map interpretation, air photo interpretation, and interpretation of spatial information (in legal, planning or other documents) may be brought to bear.

Service offered

The services that are offered will be as varied as the circumstances in which and the purposes for which they are sought. We can offer to:

  • obtain, examine and interpret documentary evidence,
  • consult on site and inspect the land in question,
  • make measured land surveys and draw plans,
  • produce reports in the form of a business letter,
  • correspond with other professionals on the issues we have investigated.

Expected outcome

The client will be more knowledgeable and better advised on the particular issues on which professional advice has been sought and able to make better informed decisions arising out of this knowledge.



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Some past cases

2008,  Boundary dispute,  Pontardulais,  West Glamorgan
2008-2010,  Boundary dispute,  Haywards Heath,  East Sussex
2008-2009,  Advice re boundaries and private right of way,  Botley,  Hampshire
2008-2009,  Disputed boundary and private right of way,  Fawley,  Hampshire
2008-2014,  Boundary dispute and ownership of a footpath passing along an archway through terraced housing,  Tooting,  London
2008-2010,  Dispute over a private right of way,  Liss,  Hampshire
2008,  Advice on a boundary between land to either side of a disused turnpike road,  Bishops Waltham,  Hampshire
2008,  Boundary advice,  Kingsand,  Cornwall
2008,  Boundary Dispute,  Southampton
2008,  Boundary Dispute,  Bexhill-on-Sea,  East Sussex
2008, Desk-based advice on issues relating to a private right of way,  Windlesham,  Surrey
2008, Desk-based advice on issues relating to a disputed boundary, trespass, partial obstruction of a private right of way,  Coleorton,  Leicestershire
2008,  Boundary and private right of way,  Nuneaton,  Warwickshire,  Professional Opinion.

2007 - 2008,  Private right of way,  Bracknell,  Berkshire,  Professional Opinion.
2007 - 2008,  Boundary dispute,  Bordon,  Hampshire,  Professional Opinion.
2007 - 2008,  Boundary Advice,  Toddington,  Bedfordshire,  Professional Opinion.
2007,  Boundary Advice,  Petersfield,  Hampshire,  Professional Opinion.
2007,  Boundary Advice,  Swindon,  Wiltshire,  Professional Opinion.
2007,  Boundary determination,  Itchenor,  West Sussex,  Peg out boundary in accordance with Court Order.
2007,  Alleged encroachment,  Newbury,  Berkshire,  Professional Opinion.
2007,  Boundary Advice,  Romsey,  Hampshire,  Professional Opinion.
2007,  Boundary Advice,  Bratton,  Wiltshire,  Professional Opinion.
2007,  Alleged encroachment,  Ringwood,  Hampshire,  Professional Opinion.

2006 - 2007,  Private right of way, commercial premises,  Greenford,  Middlesex,  Professional Opinion.
2006 - 2008,  Boundary Advice,  Newbury,  Berkshire.
2006 -2007,  Boundary Advice,  Andover,  Hampshire,  Professional Opinion.
2006 - 2008,  Boundary and highway access,  Andover,  Hampshire.
2007,  Boundary Advice,  Steyning,  West Sussex,  Professional Opinion.
2006,  Boundary Advice,  Eastleigh,  Hampshire.
2006,  Boundary Advice,  Basingstoke,  Hampshire.
2006,  Boundary Advice,  Cambridge.
2006,  Boundary Advice,  Newbury,  Berkshire,  including meeting with other side's surveyor.
2006,  Boundary Dispute,  Sacriston,  Co Durham.
2006,  Boundary Advice,  Swanwick,  Hampshire.
2006,  Boundary Dispute,  Chipping Ongar,  Essex,  Professional Opinion.

2005,  Professional advice,  Kensington,  London,  Interpret air photos to identify buildings with rooftop extensions.
2005,  Boundary advice,  Highgate,  London,  Professional opinion.
2005,  Boundary advice,  Acton,  London,  Professional opinion.
2005,  Boundary dispute,  Fawley,  Hampshire,  Professional opinion.
2005,  Boundary advice,  Newark,  Nottinghamshire,  Survey to check boundaries of newly built property.
2005,  Boundary dispute,  Cowes,  Isle of Wight,  Professional advice.
2005 - Boundary advice,  Marlborough,  Wiltshire.
2005 - 2006,  Boundary dispute,  Royston,  Hertfordshire,  Professional advice,  meeting with other side's expert.
2005,  Boundary advice,  Maidenhead,  Berkshire.
2005,  Boundary advice,  Englefield Green,  Surrey,  Assist in negotiation over boundary's position.
2005,  Boundary advice,  Bournemouth,  Dorset,  Professional advice,  Backland developer claimer right of way that encroached over boundary.
2005,  Private right of way,  Newbury,  Berkshire,  Footpath at rear of terraced houses.
2005,  Boundary advice,  Chichester,  West Sussex,  Professioanl advice,  Access route to building plot.
2005,  Boundary advice,  Andover,  Hampshire,  Professional advice.
2005 - 2006,  Boundary advice,  Newbury,  Berkshire,  Professional advice,  Checking extent of land taken by road development.
2005,  Boundary advice,  Woking,  Surrey,  Professional advice.
2005-2006,  Boundary and private right of way,  Stockport,  Professional Advice,  Assessed evidence for boundary and for extent of private right of way.

2004,  Boundary advice,  Southampton,  Hampshire,  Professional advice.
2004,  Boundary advice,  New Forest,  Hampshire,  Professional advice.
2004-2006,  Boundary dispute,  Penarth,  South Wales,  Professional advice,  including meeting with other side's surveyor.
2004,  Boundary dispute,  Leicester,  Professional advice.
2004,  Boundary advice,  Ascot,  Berkshire,  Professional advice.
2004,  Boundary dispute,  Farnham,  Surrey,  Professional advice.
2004,  Boundary dispute,  Eastleigh,  Hampshire,  Professional advice.
2004,  Private right of way,  Corfe Mullen,  Dorset,  Professional Advice,  Houses, walls, private roads built in different positions than shown on transfer plans.
2004-2005,  Boundary dispute,  Wokingham,  Berkshire,  Professional advice.
2004,  Boundary dispute,  Hook,  Hampshire,  Professional advice.
2004,  Boundary dispute,  Gosport,  Hampshire,  Professional advice.
2004,  Boundary issue,  Midhurst,  West Sussex,  Professional advice.
2004,  Boundary dispute,  Kings Lynn,  Norfolk,   Professional Advice.
2004,  Boundary dispute,  Formby,  Merseyside,  Professional Advice.

2003-2004,  Boundary dispute,  Southampton,  Hampshire,  Professional Advice.
2003,  Boundary issue,  Winchester,  Hampshire,  Professional advice,  joint instruction to determine and mark boundary.
2003-2004,  Boundary dispute,  Sleaford,  Lincolnshire,  Professional advice.
2003,  Boundary issue,  Havant,  Hampshire,  Professional advice.
2003-2007,  Boundary dispute,  Claygate,  Surrey,  Professional advice.
2003,  Boundary dispute,  Southampton,  Hampshire,  Professional Advice.
2003,  Boundary dispute,  Blackpool,  Lancashire,  Professional Advice.
2003,  Boundary issue,  Reading,  Berkshire,  Professional Advice.
2003,  Boundary advice,  North Baddesley,  Hampshire,  Professional advice:  boundary coinciding with retaining wall.
2003,  Boundary and public footpaths,  Midhurst,  West Sussex,  Professional advice.
2003,  Boundary Advice,  Corfe Mullen,  Dorset,  Professional advice.
2003,  Boundary Advice,  Amesbury,  Wiltshire,  Professional advice.

2002-2003,  Boundary advice,  Hook,  Hampshire,  Professional advice.
2002,  Boundary advice,  Eastleigh,  Hampshire,  Boundaries of terraced houses with staggered frontages.
2002, Boundary advice, Romford, Essex,  Professional advice.
2002-2003,  Boundary advice,  Highgate,  London,  Professional advice.  Boundaries of gardens belonging to each flat of converted house.
2002,  Boundary advice,  Taunton,  Somerset.
2002,  Boundary advice,  Basingstoke,  Hampshire.
2002,  Boundary advice,  Camberley,  Surrey.
2002,  Boundary advice,  Waterlooville,  Hampshire.
2002,  Boundary advice,  Leatherhead,  Surrey.
2002,  Boundary advice,  Sutton,  Surrey.
2002,  Boundary dispute,  Fareham,  Hampshire,  Professional advice.  Settled during site visit.
2002,  Private Right of Way,  Bideford,  Devon,  Professional advice,  Extent of private Right of Way.
2002,  Boundary problem,  Godalming,  Surrey,  Professional advice,  Disputed boundary was previously subject of a Deed of Variation.
2002,  Private Right of Way,  New Forest,  Hampshire,  Professional advice.
2002,  Boundary dispute,  London,  Professional advice.

2001-2003,  Private Right of Way,  Alton,  Hampshire,  Survey and mark extent of right of way.
2001-2002,  Boundary dispute,  Eastleigh,  Hampshire,  Professional advice.
2001-2002,  Boundary advice,  Southampton,  Hampshire,  Professional advice.
2001-2002,  High Hedge,  Fareham,  Hampshire,  Professional advice.
2001-2002,  Boundary dispute,  New Milton,  Hampshire,  Professional advice.
2001,  Boundary problem,  New Forest,  Hampshire,  Professional advice.
2001-2002,  Boundary dispute,  Bournemouth,  Dorset,  Professional advice.
2001,  Private Right of Way,  West Norwood,  London,  Professional advice.
2002-2004,  Private Right of Way,  Purley,  Professional advice.
2001,  Boundary dispute,  Southampton,  Hampshire,  Professional advice.
2001,  Boundary problem,  Bishops Stortford,  Hertfordshire,  Resolve boundary issue preventing sale.
2001,  Boundary dispute,  Totton, Hampshire,  Joint instruction,  Identify boundary between two developments.
2001,  Private Right of Way Advice,  Stockbridge,  Hampshire.
2001,  Boundary Advice,  Devizes,  Wiltshire.
2001,  Boundary Advice,  Bordon,  Hampshire.
2001,  Boundary Advice,  West Sussex,  Whether or not boundary feature was a hedge & ditch. Resolved amicably.
2001,  Boundary Advice,  Hindhead,  Surrey,  Survey physical boundary features pending neighbour's re-development.
2001,  Boundary Advice,  Totton,  Hampshire.
2001,  Private Right of Way,  Romsey,  Hampshire,  Professional advice.
2001,  Boundary Advice,  Bishops Waltham,  Hampshire,  Interpret boundary.
2001,  Boundary dispute,  Eastleigh,  Hampshire,   Professional advice,  Settled during site visit.
2001,  Boundary problem,  Eastleigh,  Hampshire,  Professional advice.
2001,  Private Right of Way,  Swindon,  Wiltshire,  Professional advice. Footpath to rear of terraced houses.